USAMI Maki’s new series “Spice & Custard” starts in Betsucomi No.10.

spice & custard

A second USAMI Maki’s series “Spice & Custard” is planned to start in Betsucomi No.10 which will be published in September.

This series is called “スパイスとカスター Spice & Custard” and the first chapter will count a total of 45 pages.

Tsukimori-kun is a cold megane (with glasses) boy very difficult to approach. Everybody in class is scared of him, but I think different…and I have reasons for that.

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USAMI Maki’s new series “Kataomoi no Kakudo” to start in Betsucomi magazine

Kataomoi no Kakudo

USAMI Maki’s new series will start in Betsucomi magazine no.09 to be released on August 12th. This series is called ” 片想いの角度 Kataomoi no Kakudo” (Unrequited Love’s angle) and the first chapter will count a total of 42 pages.

He seats next to me. He attracts me more and more everyday.   But I am not the only one…?” The story of four people who revolve around him starts!

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