Sho-comi released SUGIYAMA Miwako’ s “4-gatsu no Kimi, Spica.” live action drama & movie comic DVD

4 gatsu


Along with Sho-comi No.10 issue, it has been released SUGIYAMA Miwako’ s “4-gatsu no Kimi, Spica.”  live action drama & movie comic DVD.

4 gatsu

In the live action drama the main characters will be played by:

  • Saotome Sei by actress Kawauchi Misato.
  • Udagawa Taiyou  by actor Fujita Tomi
  • Oootaka Mitsuji  by actor Kominami Koji.

4 gatsu

In the movie comic, the character’s voices will be played by:


  • Saotome Sei by Takuma Terashina
  • Udagawa Taiyou  by  Asuka Ogame
  • Oootaka Mitsuji  by Katsuhiko Umehara


A preview can be watched on YouTube:




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Ribon No.05 preview

koisuru scarlet

koisuru scarlet

SEGAWA Aya’s new series has started in Ribon magazine No.05. The series is entitled 恋するスカーレット Koisuru Scarlet.

Lost in love, with a new love or a first love? A love playing with two boys.


FUJIWARA Yuka is publishing a 41 pages-oneshot story entitled ××××な彼女 XXXX na Kanojo.

Otaku idol Shirasai’s boyfriend is…!?

romantica clock

YOKO Maki’s publishing a special chapter of her series Romantica Clock.

Akane’s everyday life when becoming a high school student.


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Petit-Comic No.05 preview

tabetai karada

petit comic 5

The cover of 5th number of Petit Comic magazine feautures MITSUKI Kako’s series Love Phantom.

MITSUKI Kako’s is also publishing a oneshot story titled サムライ・キス Samurai Kiss. The story revolves around the relationship between Saeguchi Masayuki, a company director and the secretary Mukaida Nana.

tabetai karada

YUMACHI Shin is publishing a oneshot story title 湯町 深 Tabetai Karada (I want to eat your body).

This expectation doesn’t exist. He is my younger colleague at work.  But the incident of that day changed us….!?



Source: Natalie Comics & Petit Comic website


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Sho-comi No.09 preview

kimi wa ore wa

shocomi 9

SHIRAISHI Yuki’s new series 君は、オレが好きだって言ったらどんな顔するだろう。 Kimi wa, Ore ga Suki Datte Ittara donna Kao suru darou.  has started on Sho-comi magazine No.09.

The story begins with the scene of good-looking high school freshman Kanzaki Hayato being confessed to by a cute and sexy girl.  However Hayato rejects her because he can’t keep his eyes off the cute boy Asahina Minato who actually hides a secret….

kimi wa ore wa


IMAZAWA Maiko’s oneshot story titled 私に「好き」って言わないで。 Watashi wa Sukitte Iwanaide (I can’t say I am in love) has been published.

Being in love with someone who is not your boyfriend!? A painful love triangle is starting!




ASAGI Hikaru’s oneshot 僕だけがひとりじめ Boku dake ga Hitorijime ( I own you) has been published.

High school playboy’s habit is changing because of love..!?





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Cheese No.05 preview




NANAO Mio has started her new series 私は天才を飼っている。Watashi wa Tensai o Katteiru (I am raising a genius).  The first chapter counts a total of 50 pages.

Ichinose Konoka is the daughter of the manager of a famous japanese IT company. She is well behaved and both beautiful and intelligent and she has adopted a unusual pet, her rumored childhood friend Sagara Kairi, whose only skill appears to be his pretty face. However he has a secret…

Watashi wa tensai wo katteiru

FUYUORI Toma’s oneshot is titled  絶対忠義最強彼女 Zettai Chougi Saikyou Kanojo (Absolute loyal strongest girlfriend).

Kururu, a super employer and Kotaro, her boss, have a love relationship. Gathered together they become invincibile.


NAKAMURA Yochiki’s oneshot story is called 恋色 Q.E.D. Koiro Q.E.D. (The color of love Q.E.D).

Talented high school boy can solve my trouble? Is it the start of a new love?


HACHIYA Akumi’s oneshot is 恋人のちセフレ Koihito nochi sefure (lover later sex friend).

Idiot Kazusa’s boyfriend is a real genius. Is this only a body’s relationship!?




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Sho-comi No.08 preview



Front cover and double color pages for 恋降るカラフル~ぜんぶキミとはじめて~ Koi Furu Colorful – Zenbu Kimi to Hajimete by MINASE Ai which has reached chapter 18!



YUKARI Yorii’s new series 触るの禁止!! 俺のモノ。 Sawaru no Kinshi!! Kare no Mono has started on Sho-comi magazine. Our protagonist is a high school girl oversensitive! Her secret can’t be exposed especially in school! But a guy has found out….a new love story is starting!

sawaru no mono

TSUKIMI Papiko’s oneshot 小鳥遊くんはS系なので。 Takanashi-kun wa S-kei nanode has been published. A S x M love story! Takanashi-kun is a super handsome boy but hard to approach at school! But Minori has become his servant!?


HASEGAWA Sawa’s oneshot 初恋こじらせ系 Hatsukoi Kojirase Kei about first love! Yuzu is a class commitee member and Hiroshi keeps breaking the school regulations! Slowly Yuzu is getting closer to him!?


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