Petit Comic No.06 Preview

petit comic 6

petit comic 6

YAMADA Komomo’s new series 純愛大吟醸 Jun’ai Daiginjou (Pure love top-quality sake) has started in Petit Comic magazine No.06.


Jindai Maika, an employer of a sake company is suddently appointed as the chief on the new established department. Feeling anxious, she can count on his new colleague Fuji Kotarou…

HATA Akimi’s is publishing a oneshot story called ステ恋 〜捨てるために恋しました〜 Sute Koi 〜 Suteru Tame ni Koi shimashita〜


25 years old virgin Fouko is drag by Sumeragi into doing h-stuff!


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Petit-Comic No.05 preview

tabetai karada

petit comic 5

The cover of 5th number of Petit Comic magazine feautures MITSUKI Kako’s series Love Phantom.

MITSUKI Kako’s is also publishing a oneshot story titled サムライ・キス Samurai Kiss. The story revolves around the relationship between Saeguchi Masayuki, a company director and the secretary Mukaida Nana.

tabetai karada

YUMACHI Shin is publishing a oneshot story title 湯町 深 Tabetai Karada (I want to eat your body).

This expectation doesn’t exist. He is my younger colleague at work.  But the incident of that day changed us….!?



Source: Natalie Comics & Petit Comic website


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ENJOUJI Maki’s new series “Koi wa tsuzuku yo dokomademo” on Petit-comic No.04!

petit comic 4koi

ENJOUJI Maki’s new series “Koi wa tsuzuku yo dokomademo” (恋はつづくよどこまでも) has started on Petit Comic’s magazine published March 8th with a  40 pages long first chapter.

Five years ago Nanase witnessed a beautiful doctor saving an old woman from falling on the street and that was love at first sight.   Yearning to see him again she decided to become a nurse. Nanase starts working as a nurse in a hospital and she is finally able to meet Kairi.  Sure it’s fate..or this is what she thought!  The love caring Kairi is a total different person!! A pounding love comedy is about to start!

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Petit Comic no. 03 preview!

petit comic

New series on Petit Comic No.03 published on February 8th.

love tore

YOKOHAMA Mayumi’s new josei series “Love Tore – Renai Taishitsu Kaizen Kouza” (ラブ♡トレ 〜恋愛体質改善講座〜) is starting with a 40 pages chapter. The story revolves around a 29 years old graphic designer troubled by a cheating boyfriend. Will her love advisor Takarada Tamon be able to heal her? What Tamon really hide under his face?


YASU Takeko’s new series “Nisekon – Danna Koyou Keikaku ” (ニセ婚 〜ダンナ雇用計画〜) is starting with a 38 pages first chapter. What would you do if you won a lottery? Wild merrymaking? Save money? Kikuchi Rie decides to buy….?



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