B-Project Mouso * Scandal’s popular idol entertainment will be made into a manga.


Cheese! announced in the current 7th issue that popular idol entertainment project “B-Project” will be adapted into a manga called “B-Project Mousou * Scandal” starting this summer. The mangaka who will draw this series is MORINO Mizu. “B-project” has also been adapted into an anime which will premiere in July. More info can be found on the official website.

bproject bproject bproject

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SHIMAKI Ako’s new series “Boku no Rinne” is about to begin!

boku no rinne

SHIMAKI Ako’s new series “Boku no Rinne” (ぼくの輪廻 – My Samsara) will start in Cheese magazine No.04 which will be published on February 24th.

If you had memory of your previous life, what kind of feeling would be?
Can’t you imagine meeting the lover of your previous life?
To yearn for whom you’re feeling would be your destined one?
For me that is hell.
Another time for sure, I don’t want to be with her.
I don’t want to fall in love.
Helpless Shouwaru-kun….and the cute girl…

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Kotomi Aoki’s oneshot “Donkan na Bokura ni Haru wa Kuru ka”

donkan na bokura

A Kotomi Aoki’s oneshot “Donkan na Bokura ni Haru wa Kuru ka” has been published in the special compilation of oneshot stories titled “Happy End” released along with the Cheese! magazine No.02. The story revolves around two high school friends going on a 2 days trip to Tokyo for the admission to the university. The truth is that he is deeply in love with her…

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Hatsu x Haru’s mangaka FUJISAWA Shizuki’s new oneshot on Betsucomi No.02

betsucomi 2betsucomi 2

FUJISAWA Shizuki’s 52 pages long oneshot “Shishunki ni okeru persona keisei to sono paradox ni tsuite“( 思春期におけるペルソナ形成とそのパラドクスについて) has been released on Betsucomi no.02 published on January 13th. The story revolves around a young girl who is lost inside her youth.  School, family, friends….and then we have this feeling called love. It doesn’t take so long to recognize it….

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