AOI Mamoru’s new series “Sakura to sensei” has started on Betsucomi No.03

On Betsucomi March issue No.03 a new series by AOI Mamoru has started. It’s called “さくらと先生 Sakura to Sensei” (Sakura and the teacher). The first chapter counts a total of 61 pages.

sakura to sensei

Minato Sakura is a first year high school girl. One day while climbing a hill road by bicycle, she meets a boy with a dark mole on his neck…a new story student x teacher has started.

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Betsufure No.01 preview

betsufure 01

Betsufure’s january issue has been published on December 13th.
The cover features “PとJK P to JK” by MIYOSHI Maki that has been adapted into a live action movie. More info are available here.

HATSUHARU’s new series has started. It’s called “毎日キスしていいですか? Mainichi Kiss ii desuka.” (Can I kiss you everyday?)
Mainichi Kiss ii desuka.
Kurumi is a high school girl whose elder brother is the president of the student council. Eight years before when her mother passed away, she met her childhood friend Nagio with whom she shared her first kiss. But even though he used to be a quiet and gentle boy now he has become a naughty one!?

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P to JK live action movie to premier on March 25, 2017

p to jk

The live action movie based on the manga “PとJK P to JK” by MIYOSHI Maki serialized in Betsufure magazine will premier on March 25, 2017.
Kako is a 16 years old high school with no experience in love. One day she pretends to be a 22 years old university student and she meets the 23 years old Kato. They soon start to be interested in each other until Kato finds out that Kako is actually a high school girl. His attitude changes since he is a police officer and absolutely can’t be with her. There is one way only to be together…getting married!

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