Sho-comi No.02


Sho-comi’s No.02 issue has been published on December 20th.
The cover features “オレ嫁。~オレの嫁になれよ~ Ore Yome. – Ore no Yome ni Nare yo” by SANO Airi which has reached chapter 51. This series will end in 5 chapters.
Ore Yome Ore no Yome ni Nare yo

“うそ恋 ~カノジョのまま、片想い。~ Uso Koi~Kanojo no Mama~Kataomoi” by MAIKO Imazawa has started.
uso koi
A high school girl that works as a mangaka decides to experience love in order to write better stories.

SHIUMI Saki has published a oneshot story called “あいまいラブちゅ♡ Aimai Love chu ♡“.
aimai love chu
Even though he didn’t say he likes her, she keeps calling her “cute” and teases her. But she is tired of it and wants him to tell how he really feels…!?

ASAGI Hikaru has published a oneshot story called “仮♡婚 Kari♡Kon“.
kari kon
“After you graduate from high school, let’s get married!” Newly-married couple starts living together. Is their life under the same roof going well, isn’t it!?

KUMAGAI Kyouko’s series “チョコレート・ヴァンパイア Chocolate Vampire” has reached chapter 07.
Chocolate Vampire

“月の君、スピカ。 杉山美和子 4-gatsu no Kimi, Spica.” by SUGIYAMA Mikako has reached chapter 44.

The “furoku”(extra gift) attached to this issue is the “Chocolate Vampire SCHEDULE BOOK“. The schedule book covers a whole year and comes with three different covers.

The “Chocolate Vampire” cute standard version.
schedule book1

The “Chocolate Vampire” illustration version.
schedule book 3

The “Chocolate Deco” girly version.
schedule book 2

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