“Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu” to be made in a live-action movie

Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu

Sho-comi announced that YAGAMI Rina’s current series “Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu” will be made into a live-action movie.  This series has reached chapter 30 in the current Sho-comi issue No.10.

Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu

Setoka Tachibana  will be played by Tao Tsuchiya.
Haruka Tachibana will be played by Ryota Katayose ( member of the music group GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE)
Takane Serigawa will be played by Yudai Chiba.

The movie will premier on summer 2017!

More info on the official movie website.


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KUMAGAI Kyouko’s new series “Chocolate Vampire” has started on Sho-comi.

KUMAGAI Kyouko’s new series チョコレート・ヴァンパイアChocolate Vampire” has started in Sho-comi issue No.10.

chocolate vampire

The first chapter counts a total of 41 pages.

The school is controlled by the Kagariritsuki family.  Yuki, is the youngest of the Kagariritsuki siblings and the idol of the school. He is also the one that Mitsuki Chiyo detest the most.  But Yuki is actually a vampire and Chiyo gaves him her blood.  But why she helps the one she hates? What’s the secret fate between this two people?




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