P to JK live action movie to premier on March 25, 2017

p to jk

The live action movie based on the manga “PとJK P to JK” by MIYOSHI Maki serialized in Betsufure magazine will premier on March 25, 2017.
Kako is a 16 years old high school with no experience in love. One day she pretends to be a 22 years old university student and she meets the 23 years old Kato. They soon start to be interested in each other until Kato finds out that Kako is actually a high school girl. His attitude changes since he is a police officer and absolutely can’t be with her. There is one way only to be together…getting married!

The director of the movie is Ryuichi Hiroki.


Tao Tsuchiya play the role of Kazuya Kamenashi
Mahiro Takasugi play the role of Daigo Nishihata
Kota Sagano play the role of Tina Tamashiro
Jiro Nagakura play the role of Kako Motoya
Mikado Yaguchi play the role of Heisuke Okami

p to jk


Trio Ohashi
is in charge of the soundtrack of the movie. Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”, Flipper’s Guitar “Happy Like a Honeybee” and “Friends again” will be used as soundtracks in the movie.

The official site can be found here.

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