Cheese No.03 preview

cheese 3

Cheese No.03 has been published on January 3rd featuring two MIYASAKA Kaho’s series.

Barairo no Yakusoku” 38 pages long 4th chapter. More info and scanlation here.


10-manbun no 1” (a sequel of MIYASAKA’S Akaii series) 41 pages 6th chapter. The first volume of this series is also set to be published on January 26th.


This number of Cheese features three oneshot stories:

Himitsu to itta zono kuchibiru de.” by ASANO Aya.   During a group trip, a guy wakes up in the same bed as the school’s “Madonna”. How the situation will develop?


K to K no mikon kankei.” by NAKAMURA Yochiki revolves around the story of Kijima Kotori (KK) et Kishima Kaori (KK), a couple who lives together.  On the outside Kijima protecs Kishima but inside home it seems the total opposite.


NANAO Mio’s oneshot “Watashi wa Tensai o Gatteirurevolves around the story of a girl attracted by a boy for his intelligence.


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