Betsucomi’s No.02


Betsucomi’s march issue No.03 has been published on February 13.

FUJISAWA Shizuki, author of the ongoing series “ハツ*ハル Hatsu Haru” which has reached chapter 38, published a oneshot story called “コペルニクス的転回の青春的応用 Copernicus revolution no Seishunkei Ouyou“.

Copernicus revolution no Seishunkei Ouyou

Itsuki is a high school girl that is indifferent to everything: the love relationship between her classmates, the cultural festival, even the blue of the sky. Until the day she meets a boy at the library and falls in love with him…

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Sho-comi No.03-04 preview


Sho-comi february issue No.03-04 has been published on January 5th. The cover features KUMAGAI Kyouko’s current series “チョコレート・ヴァンパイア Chocolate Vampire” which has reached chapter 8. The 1st volume has been published on January 26th.

SHIRAISHI Yuki has started a new series called “はにかむハニー Honey come honey“.
Honey come honey
Hanasaki-chan is a high school girl who just transferred to a new school. There she encounters the scary looking Kumagaya-kun who hides a secret.

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Betsucomi No.02 preview!

cover betsucomi 2

Betsucomi’s february issue No.02 has been published on January 13th.
The cover features USAMI Maki’s “スパイスとカスター Spice & Custard“.

KOZUE Chiba’s new series “1/3 さんぶんのいち 1/3 Sanbun no Ichi” has started with a 45 pages chapter.
1/3 Sanbun no Ichi
” I want to fall in love with a handsome boy!” is the strongest desire of high school girl Shiyuka. Just like a miracle, two handsome boys transfers from Tokyo into Shiyuka’s high school. Is it the start of a love story…!?

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Sho-comi No.02


Sho-comi’s No.02 issue has been published on December 20th.
The cover features “オレ嫁。~オレの嫁になれよ~ Ore Yome. – Ore no Yome ni Nare yo” by SANO Airi which has reached chapter 51. This series will end in 5 chapters.
Ore Yome Ore no Yome ni Nare yo

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