Betsufure No.01 preview

betsufure 01

Betsufure’s january issue has been published on December 13th.
The cover features “PとJK P to JK” by MIYOSHI Maki that has been adapted into a live action movie. More info are available here.

HATSUHARU’s new series has started. It’s called “毎日キスしていいですか? Mainichi Kiss ii desuka.” (Can I kiss you everyday?)
Mainichi Kiss ii desuka.
Kurumi is a high school girl whose elder brother is the president of the student council. Eight years before when her mother passed away, she met her childhood friend Nagio with whom she shared her first kiss. But even though he used to be a quiet and gentle boy now he has become a naughty one!?

“三神先生の愛し方 Mikami-sensei no Aishikata” by AIKAWA Hiro has reached chapter 13.
Mikami-sensei no Aishikata
“私がモテてどうすんだ Watashi ga Motete Dousu n da” by JUNKO has reached chapter 43.
Watashi ga Motete Dousu n da
“マイ・ボーイフレンド My Boyfriend” by AOI Mamoru has reached the final chapter. The 3rd volume will be published on January 13, 2017.
my boyfriend
SAIKI Yuu’s series called “くやしいくらい、好き。 Kuyashii kurai, Suki.“ has reached the second and final chapter.
Kuyashii kurai, Suki. 2
ICHINOHE Rumi’s “きみはかわいい女の子 Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko” has reached chapter 15.
Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko
“青 夏 Ao-Natsu” by NANBA Atsuko has reached chapter 31.

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