Betsucomi’s No.02


Betsucomi’s march issue No.03 has been published on February 13.

FUJISAWA Shizuki, author of the ongoing series “ハツ*ハル Hatsu Haru” which has reached chapter 38, published a oneshot story called “コペルニクス的転回の青春的応用 Copernicus revolution no Seishunkei Ouyou“.

Copernicus revolution no Seishunkei Ouyou

Itsuki is a high school girl that is indifferent to everything: the love relationship between her classmates, the cultural festival, even the blue of the sky. Until the day she meets a boy at the library and falls in love with him…

NAKASHIMA Vega’s new series “1コ下から、キスさせて。 1-ko Shita kara, Kiss Sasete.” has started.
1-ko Shita kara, Kiss Sasete.
One day she meets a rascal and impertinent young man at the beach…a love story between a kohai and a sempai is starting!

GOTOU Misaki’s new series “結んで、ほどいて、キス Musunde, Hodoite, Kiss.” has started.
Musunde, Hodoite, Kiss
One month before graduation, Yui starts a misterious relationship with Sou-kun, who she thought she would never come close to.

SHIBANO Yuka’s has published a oneshot story called “100万回のスキをあげる 100 man-kai no suki o ageru“.
100 man-kai no suki o ageru
Rui likes Yohei too much and she can’t stop this feeling.

“藤原くんはだいたい正しい Fujiwara-kun wa Daitai Tadashii” by HINACHI Nao has reached chapter 13.
Fujiwara-kun wa Daitai Tadashii


  • “1/3 さんぶんのいち 1/3 Sanbun no Ichi chapter 02 by KOZUE Chiba.
  • ”青楼オペラ Seirou Opera” chapter 25 by SAKURAKOUJI Kanoko.
  • ““こんな未来は聞いてない!! Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!!” chapter 16 by YASUKO.
  • “好きしか言わない Suki shika Iwanai” LAST CHAPTER by FUKUSHIMA Haruka. *END*
  • “クイーンズ・クオリティ Queen’s Quality” chapter 20 by MOTOMI Kyousuke.

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