Betsucomi No.12 preview

betsucomi 12

Betsucomi’s december issue has been published on November 11th.

The cover features “藤原くんはだいたい正しい Fujiwara-kun wa Daitai Tadashii” by HINACHI Nao which has reached chapter 10.
Fujiwara-kun wa Daitai Tadashii

NISHINO Kiina has started her new series called “こんな甘いこと、知らない…っ。 Konna Amai Koto, Shiranai…“. The first chapter counts a total of 36 pages.
Konna Amai Koto, Shiranai
The protagonist is Rin Kinukawa, a 16 years old high school girl. Being her brother a hairdresser, she has dyed blond hair and so she has been mistaken for a yankee and isolated by her classmates. By chance one day she meets the popular hair and make-up artist Koyoshi Hanae…

NONOKO has published a oneshot Christmas special story called “男の子は甘い味がした。 Otokonoko wa amai aji ga shita“.
Otokonoko wa amai aji ga shita

“こんな未来は聞いてない!! Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!!” by YASUKO has reached chapter 13.
Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!!

“きらきらと夜に降る Kirakira to Yoru ni Furu” by FUJIO Nami, “こっちの水は甘いのだ Kocchi no Mizu wa Amai no da” by SHIBANO Yuka and “ふたごっち。 Futagocchi.” by MAYUMI has reached the final chapters.

A supplement has been released along with this magazine issue. It’s a compilation of six oneshot stories from different mangaka. It’s called “これ以上、好きっていわないで! Kore ijou, sukitte iwanaide!“.

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