Betsucomi No.02 preview!

cover betsucomi 2

Betsucomi’s february issue No.02 has been published on January 13th.
The cover features USAMI Maki’s “スパイスとカスター Spice & Custard“.

KOZUE Chiba’s new series “1/3 さんぶんのいち 1/3 Sanbun no Ichi” has started with a 45 pages chapter.
1/3 Sanbun no Ichi
” I want to fall in love with a handsome boy!” is the strongest desire of high school girl Shiyuka. Just like a miracle, two handsome boys transfers from Tokyo into Shiyuka’s high school. Is it the start of a love story…!?


KAGA Yakko published a oneshot story called “ちょっと、悪い、年下の。 Chotto, Warui, Toshishita no“.
chotto warui
My friend’s younger brother confessed! I can’t go out with him…but he found an unexpected method to come close to me!?

TAMURA Kotoyu published a oneshot story called “たいへんよくできました Taihen Yoku dekimashita“.
Taihen Yoku dekimashita
Nanaya’s childhood friend Atsuki one day tells her “I don’t want you to see, I want to blindfold you” and that’s exactly what he does.

SAKURAKOUJI Kanoko’s manga ” 青楼オペラ Seirou Opera“ has reached chapter 21.
Seirou Opera

“こんな未来は聞いてない!! Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!!” by YASUKO has reached chapter 15.
Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!!

FUROKU: “女王の花~MEMORIAL & PREMIUM BOOK~ Joou no Hana Memorial & Premium Book” by IZUMI Kaneyoshi.
Joou no Hana

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