Should I keep updating the Monthly Releases section?

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone is actually interested in reading the Monthly Releases’ section (where I put all the new volumes that each month are published). I’ll decide if i should continue or not based on your vote. Thanks <3

USAMI Maki’s new series “Spice & Custard” starts in Betsucomi No.10.

spice & custard

A second USAMI Maki’s series “Spice & Custard” is planned to start in Betsucomi No.10 which will be published in September.

This series is called “スパイスとカスター Spice & Custard” and the first chapter will count a total of 45 pages.

Tsukimori-kun is a cold megane (with glasses) boy very difficult to approach. Everybody in class is scared of him, but I think different…and I have reasons for that.